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Silver Moon's Profile

Japanese Name: Aiko Yami
Name Meaning: Love for the Dark
American Name: Seleena Tsukino
Senshi Name: Silver Moon
Birth Date: December 23, 1985
Blood Type: AB
Favorite Subject: Studio Art
Least Favorite Subject: Algerbra
Favorite Food: Watermelon
Least Favorite Food: any leafy veggie
Strong Points: Being a good leader, drawing, and beging a good lover
Weak Point: jealusy when Darrick is with someone else
Dream: to be a bride to marry Darrick
Element: Moon


Seleena is Serena older sister.  She is also known as Silver Moon.  She is a lot different from her sister because she is not kluzy or careless about what she does.  She is one who is always there to protect her friends when they are in trouble.