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Dark Knight Moon's Profile

Japanese Name: Kurio Natio
Name Meaning: Dark Knight
American Name: Darrick Chiba
Alter Ego: Dark Knight Moon
Birth Date: October 15, 1983
Blood Type: A
Favorite Subject: Algebra
Least Favorite Subject: Spanish
Favorite Food: Any Type of  Fruit
Least Favorite Food: Pizza
Strong Points: Good at being a lover 
Weak Points: jealousy
Dream: To be the best guardian ever


Darrick is Darien's younger brother.  Darrick is exactly like his brother expect of the color of his hair and his eyes.  Another thing is his personallity is different Darrick is kind hearted.  He isn't stuck up like is his brother.  He does have a temper if you make him mad.  Other thing he is an excellent lover.