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Chapter 2







Coming of the New Scouts

                                                                                          Chapter 2

Love Last an Eternity


        Last chapter Seleena got a note from a mystery prince.


Scene: Earth Palace, Darricks Room


Prince Darrick:         Where is my necklace!


        Suddenly Darricks door swings open and standing in the door way is his older brother Prince Endymion.


Prince Endymion:     Darrick come on we are going to be late for the moon ball.


Prince Darrick:         I would be brother if I can find that damn necklace!


        Endymion lifts his hand in front of Darricks face and on his ring finger dangles a golden necklace with a Dragon and a Unicorn.


Prince Endymion:     Now you are ready, lets go.


Prince Darrick:         Thanks brother.


Prince Endymion:     Now lets go.


        Prince Darrick and Endymion run down the steps to meet their parents.

Scene:  Moon Kingdom Hall:


Princess Seleena:    Now were are my family and sister and mother.


        Suddenly Seleena looks up to see her mother and sister.


Princess Seleena:    Mother, Sister.


        They turn around and stop.


Princess Serenity:   Sister you finally caught up.


Queen Serenity:       You seem happy all of a sudden.


Princess Seleena:    I got this letter on my bed and I dont know were it cam from.


Queen Serenity:       I know were it came from.


Princess Seleena:    Can you explain this to me?


Queen Serenity:       No it would ruin your surprise.  If you want to know I set you up on a date.


Princess Seleena:    You found me a boyfriend?


Princess Serenity:   Its one of the oldest traditions of the Moon and Earth today. The second born on the Moon is destined to marry the first of the Earth.  So today at the Royal Moon Ball I get to meet the destined man Prince Endymion.


Queen Serenity:       She is right Prince Marth wasnt your love for eternity the second born prince is, on the Earth.


Princess Seleena:    You mean my destined love with Endymions younger brother.


Queen Serenity:       You will understand some time to night.


        At the ballroom the quest were all dancing as soon as Queen and her heirs enter the room.  The entire guests went silent.  A white haired earth general moved out in the center.


Kunzite:    Everyone calm down the Queen is here and of course the lovely princesses.


Queen Serenity:       Thanks, an you know this is a royal gathering


        She says this when walking in the center of the ballroom with her girls following behind her.


Queen Serenity:       We have the royal gathering every two years.


        Kunzite walks toward the Queen and asked her something.


Kunzite:  The royal family of Earth is here your majesty.


Queen Serenity:       May you go and greet them and bring them       here, as the advisor you announce them.


Kunzite:    It is your wish your highness.


                                He says this then he bows and darts out of the ballroom.


                Queen Serenity:       Please resume your dancing.


Princess Seleena:    I wonder what the princes are like.


Princess Serenity:   I bet there charming and very romantic.


Princess Seleena:    Hey look the Sailor guardians are dancing with the generals of the Earth.


Princess Serenity:   Oh yeah I forgot the Sailor Scouts can chose who they want to marry who ever they want.  I didnt know that they had boyfriends.


Princess Seleena:    Lets go bug them.


Princess Serenity:   Lets go.


The girls ran up to meet their guardians and started to chat with them.


Princess Seleena:    Hey girls.


Princess Venus:       So where are your dates?


Princess Serenity:   Well Venus your date went to go get ours.


Princess Venus:       Very funny.


Princess Mars:         I heard you broke up with Marth are you sad                                                               or angry with him?


Princess Seleena:    I am angry with him but my mother told me not to worry he isnt the man I am suppose to be with.


Princes Jupiter:        So you are completely over him.

Princess Seleena:    To some point.


Princess Serenity:   Hi Mercury!  How zoyicte been treating you?


Princess Mercury:    Fine were all doing great we just hooked up with them two days ago.


Princess Mars:         Well we need to dance Ill talk to you later girls.


Both Princesses: Bye Girls!!!!!!!


        Scene: Moon Palace Shipyard


        In the Moon Palace shipyard the Earth Arc just arrived with Kunzite waiting for them.


Kunzite: (Thinking to Himself) I guess I arrived earlier than expected.


        The Arc door opened emerging from the ship was the king and the queen and the two princes.


Kunzite:    Hello your majesty hope you had a pleasant ride here.


King Darius:     Yes we did it was all thanks to your arrangements.


Kunzite:    Im honored.      


Prince Darrick: Oh yeah their trip up here was very pleasant.


Prince Endymion:     You got that one right.


        Their mother Queen Juliana walked over to her two kids.


Queen Juliana:         Yes we did have a pleasant time but you wouldnt know.


Prince Darrick: Your right mom we dont want to know


Prince Endymion:     (Whispers to his brother) yeah were the ones that have to suffer we have to hear it. (out loud) me either.


Queen Juliana: Now lets go to this moon ball we cant keep Queen Serenity waiting.


Kunzite: No we cant.  Coming your highnesses.


Earth Family:    Yes


Scene:     Moon Palace Ballroom


        Kunzite walks up to the doors of the room and pushes them open.  When the crowed turns around to see who it was, they notice it was Kunzite.  So the room went silent once more.


Kunzite:    Why thank you lets get down to business.  I am please to announce King Darius and his lovely wife, Juliana, and here are his two sons his oldest Prince Endymion, and His youngest Prince Darrick.


        The Royal Earth Family walks in and the two princesses start to drool over the two princes.


Princess Seleena:    (whispers) Hey Serenity they are so, so sexy.


Princess Serenity:   (whispers) Yeah your right.  Guess what we are supposed to marry them.  Hey look here they come.


Prince Endymion:     May I ask which one is Princess Serenity?

Princess Serenity:   I am


Prince Endymion:     Well then may I have this dance my fair Princess.


        Prince Endymion grabs Serenitys hand firmly but tightly and glides her to the middle of the dance floor.  Prince Darrick walks over and offered his hand to Seleena.


Prince Darrick: You must be my princess may I have this dance?


Princess Seleena:    (Blushing) I will let you dance with me.


        Darrick grabs her hand and brings her to the center of the dance floor and they start dancing as the scene fades out.


        What will happen to Seleena and Darrick?  Will they become a couple?  Will there romance continue?  Find all the answers in Romance of the Prince, which is another exciting chapter in.


Coming of the New Scouts