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Chapter 1



 Coming of the New Scouts



Chapter 1

Golden Millennium


        It was a peaceful time the time of the Golden Millennium.  Everyone was celebrating the birth of the crown princess.  Her name is Seleena.  She is a beautiful baby with silverish blue eyes with a golden crescent moon.  It was a time for peace and prosperity.

        About the same time newest member of the royal family on Earth was born Prince Darrick.  He is the second member to the family of Shields.


14 years later on the Moon.


Mother!  Serenity shouted

        What is it dear?  Her mother answered back coming up the stairs.

        Seleena is still in her room and she is going to make us late for the ball.  Serenity casually remarked as Queen Serenity was knocking on Seleenas door.

        Honey are you ready yet your sister is so impatient and she doesnt want to be kept waiting and neither do I.  Still there was no answer.  Queen Serenity twisted the door knob clockwise gently pushed the door open.  Reviling her daughter ready for the ball Sobbing in her pillows.

        Seleena whats wrong?  Queen Serenity asked with a little worry in her voice.  Seleena lifts her head off her pillows looks at her mother strait in her eyes.

        Mother do I have to tell you my personal life no, and one other thing you can leave me here.  Im not gong to no stupid ball, you may leave.  Seleena said with announce in her voice.

        I may not leave, you will tell me whats going on plus it said all royal members must go to this ball so what is troubling you.

        Mother please shut the my door.  I dont want Serenity hearing us talk

        Alright now tell me.

        You remember Prince Marth.

        Sure I do.  Serenity said.  Please go on.

        Well this morning he came in.  Seleena took a pause before continuing.  He came up stairs.  Tears started to form around her eyes.  When he, he open up the door he had another woman with him and hew was kissing her very passionately.  Seleena broke down into tears unable to stand it anymore.

        Queen Serenity was still standing in front of the doorway in till she got to Seleenas bed and kneeled in front of her daughter.  Seleena you will find somebody special again I know it so.  Go wash you face and Ill tell Serenity and I will be waiting for you at the ball with the four sailor guardians.  Seleena looks up at her mother and nods.  Queen Serenity picks herself off the floor and walks out of Seleenas room.  Serenity is waiting for her mother.

        So mom whats wrong with Seleena? She asked with worry in her voice.

        Her mother replies.  She told me to shut the door so you couldnt here us talk.  She wraps her arm around her daughters shoulder.  They started to walk down the stairs and out the door of the castle.

        Back upstairs in Seleenas room she is washing her face thinking to herself while her hand is on her face was my mother being nice to me for once.  While she was looking in the mirror she wanted to wait until her eyes were not red and puffy.  Finally the redness was gone and she came out of the bathroom.  She found a not on her bed.  It had the Earths Royal Emblem on it.  She sat on her bed, pulled the seal off it and started to read it.  The letter read.


        Dear Princess Seleena:

Hello dear princess by the time you read this Ill be on my way to the moon for the royal ball that I hope that you will attending because, I want to share my ever lasting feelings for you.  When I see you I want to tell you I love you.

Your Prince of the Earth


        Seleena was excited to read that note.  But who was it from?  She was puzzled, so she left her room to go to the ball.


Who was the letter from?  Well Seleena be okay from losing Marth?  Well she meet her prince who sent her the letter?  Find out the answers in Love Last and Eternity, which is another exciting chapter in..

Coming of the New Scouts