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Romance of the Prince

Coming of the New Scouts


Chapter 3

Romance of the Prince


        Seleena meet a prince on the last chapter.  She hopes this is the prince of her dreams, and the one who wrote her that love letter.


Scene: Moon Castle Ball Room


Prince Darrick:            Seleena I have tell you something


Princess Seleena:        Huh what oh you have to tell me


        He brings his head down to her ear and whispers in her ear


Prince Darrick:                (Whispers) Im the one who wrote you that letter my love


Princess Seleena:        You were the one, then you are my love for all eternity.


Prince Darrick:                Yes I am my princess


                      As they were dancing, Darrick knelt down and brushed his lips across Seleenas lips


Princess Seleena: Darrick


Prince Darrick:                I guess you didnt mind me doing that


Princess Seleena:        (Blushing) No I didnt and I dont mind if you do that again. But Darrick can we go outside Im getting a little hot


Prince Darrick:                Now that you mention it, it is getting hot in here.  Let got to that balcony.


They separated from each other grasps looked at each other for a moment took each others hands and walked toward the balcony.


          When they were leaving Serenity notice her sister leaving and so did the sailor guardians.


Princess Serenity:      Were is she going she is supposed to stay here until the ball is over.


Prince Endymion:      That her business my love what ever she chose to do is her problem.


          Queen Serenity walks over to the dancing couple.


Queen Serenity:      Dont worry they just went our for some air


Princess Serenity:      How do you know that mother?


Queen Serenity:      I am telepath I can read minds like you can.


Princess Serenity:      You mean I can read minds wow


Prince Endymion:      dont try it Serenity Im a telepath as well so I can block you out.


Princess Serenity:      You wouldnt do that to me would you?


Prince Endymion:      You better believe me it love.


          He says this as he starts tickling her.


Princess Serenity: (Laughing) oh youre terrible.


Prince Endymion:      No I just love playing with me princess


Queen Serenity:      Im going to check on the other guest now.


Prince and Princess: Bye


          Queen Serenity walks away from Serenity and Endymion. Thinking to herself.


Queen Serenity:      (Thinking to herself) those two are going to make a good couple.


          Endymion and Serenity rejoin hands and move there bodies close and they start dancing.  With Endymions hand around Serenitys waist, Serenitys hand on his shoulder.  There free hands on each others.


Prince Endymion:      This is so perfect, and you are so beautiful.


Princess Serenity:      Endy I dont want you to leave to the Earth at the end of the ball.


Prince Endymion:      I know how you feel I dont want to leave you.


          He bends over slightly and presses his lips to Serenitys.  She is taken by surprise but response in full measure.  When the separate they are gazing in each other eyes gasping for breath.


Prince Serenity:      Now I dont you to leave now my love


Prince Endymion:      (Whispers in her ear) I love you Serenity and I dont want your heart to belong to any elses.


Princess Serenity:      I love your to I dont want you with anyone else.


          He kisses her again but this time more passionately and the guest are making ohs and ahs the couple in the center of the room even the four sailor guardians.


Princess Serenity:       Endy


Prince Endymion:       lets dance some more.


          Scene: Moon Castle Balcony


Prince Darrick:           Seleena you are beautiful tonight, you are just as beautiful as the moonlight.


Princess Seleena:      You mean that, how stupid of me why would I ask a question like that.


Prince Darrick:           You can ask any question that you want but anyway I would lie to you.


Princess Seleena:      Darrick do you have to leave as soon as the ball is over


Prince Darrick:           Im afraid I have to say yes my love.  Why are you asking me that question?


Princess Seleena:      Because I want to get to know you better plus Im also in love with you.


          Darrick moves closer to Seleena, wrap his strong arms around Seleena petty waist and leans down a brushes his lips across hers.  Seleena moves her head up to deepen the kiss.  Darrick gets the message and pushes his lips on Seleenas lips, and gently slides his tongue into her mouth. Seleena wraps her tongue around Darricks. Their tongues playfully dance. They break the kiss and look up at each other remembering the kiss that they just shared.


Prince Darrick:           Seleena I love you and I dont want to leave you. I dont want to go back to the Earth Kingdom because I want to spend the night here with you.


Princess Seleena:      Darrick you can stay if your parents let you. You can use the guest room if you want.


Prince Darrick:           Thats not what I had in mind Seleena.


Princess Seleena:      Darrick Im still too young to do that.


          Seleena playfully slaps him on the chest. Off course he has to retaliate by tickling her.


Princess Seleena:      Darrick you are terrible


          She says this as she laughs.  Darrick stops tickling her and looks up at the Earth.

Prince Darrick:           Have you ever notice how beautiful the Earth look from the Moon.


Princess Seleena:      Yes I have but the Earth isnt as handsome as you are my Prince.


Prince Darrick:           You are sweet me love.


Princess Seleena:      I meaning to ask you something.


Prince Darrick:           What is that my love?


Princess Seleena:      How did you send that letter to me.


          Seleena pulls the letter out of her dress pocket.


Prince Darrick:           That letter well your mother contacted me telepathically.  Since we are all telepaths so I told your mother my message so she made on of her servants write you that letter my love.


Princess Seleena:      I get it now that really confused me my Prince.


Prince Darrick:           I think we need to get back inside because Im getting quite cold.


Princess Seleena:      Now that I think of it Im getting quiet cold myself.  Darrick before we go in the ballroom do you think I could have another kiss.


          Without saying a word he gathered in his arms and knelt down and brushed his lips across hers before pressing his lips on to hers.  She responded in full measure. Once they broke away they start to walk toward the ballroom doors as the scene fades out.


What will happen to the couple? Will the to princes be able to spend the night with there two lovers? Find out all this in more in Once Apon Knight, which is another exciting chapter in.

Coming of the New Scouts